Integraal en optimaal begeleiden van groepen

The Facilitation Academy offers three general training programmes. These are not focused on a specific group or method but intended for everyone who would like to learn how to facilitate different kinds of meetings, brainstorms and workshops, from intake to closure.

  1. Facilitating for Professionals (level 1):
    For every professional who has little to no experience with facilitation and would like to learn the basics.
  2. Facilitating for Professionals (level 2):
    For everyone with some experience of facilitation who would like to improve their ability to facilitate professional groups.
  3. Facilitating for Effect (level 3):
    For everyone with more experience with facilitation, who wants to add depth to their skills and learn about tested and tried methods.

The  three programmes build on the previous levels. It is not necessary to have followed a previous level training programme, but the requisite experience and knowledge is needed.

The first two courses will be given in Dutch as an open registration. On request we could give these courses in English or Dutch as an in-company course.

The third course will be given in English as an open registration. On request we could give this course in English or Dutch as an in-company course all over the world.

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